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Disaster Recovery in Lake Charles

3/20/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO of Lake Charles provide these services :

Emergency Mitigation Services- Water extraction, drying and dehumidification, sewage & gray water extraction, cleaning & sanitizing, document drying & restoration, Mold remediation of structure & contents, Fire & Smoke cleaning: structure & contents.

Flooring Services- Carpet, vinyl flooring removal & replacement, ceramic, vinyl & linoleum maintenance & services, wood flooring maintenance & renovation.

Carpet Maintenance Services- Cleaning, drying, stretching & seaming, spitting & deodorizing.

Upholstery Cleaning- Dry to wet procedures (depends on fabric and soil conditions), Specialty fabrics such as Haitian cottons and silk.

Contents Services- Itemized, packing & moving (if needed), textiles cleaning, furniture restoration, appliance cleaning, electronics inspection, deodorization, and storage services.

HVAC and Ductwork- HVAC system analysis, deodorizing air handlers, cleaning & sanitizing service.

Should your commercial business suffer an unfortunate water or fire loss, SERVPRO of Lake Charles is available to assist the surrounding communities in your time of need. Call SERVPRO of Lake Charles at (337) 478-1133 and let us make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Checklist

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Safety

It’s Storm Season in Southwest Louisiana and here are a few tips to help keep you safe in a storm event:

  • Always keep a battery-powered radio in your home so that you can tune to radio stations if you lose electricity. Check or change the batteries frequently. 
  • Keep a flashlight in every room of your home! Check the batteries monthly,  and replace them as needed.
  • As a safety precaution, before leaving the house on vacation, unplug all electrical appliances except for those lights connected to automatic timers.
  • If you live in a storm-prone area, nail down roof shingles or use adequate adhesive to keep them from blowing off in a violent wind. For roofs with shingles that are not the seal-down type, apply a little dab of roofing cement under each tab.

Call SERVPRO of Lake Charles at (337) 478-1133 and let us make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Sprinkler Efficiency

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Dealing with a fire in your commercial building is a scary situation, but with the help of fire sprinklers, you can reduce the damage drastically. A fire sprinkler can release 8 to 24 gallons per minute, easily quenching growing fires. It’s important to maintain your fire sprinklers so that they can quickly react to the growing heat. Here are a couple things you can do to make sure that your sprinklers can effectively put out a fire.

Correct Installation

If you are putting in a fire sprinkler, be sure to install everything correctly. Each component must be working for the sprinklers to operate. Common types of sprinkler systems include:

* Dry Pipe. Pipes are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen.
* Wet Pipe. This system has water already inside of the pipes to ensure a quick response.
* Pre-Action. When heat or smoke is detected, the valve is activated to allow water to flow in the piping.

By knowing which sprinkler system you have, you can be aware of the situation in the case of a fire.

Maintain Your System

If there are obstructions in the piping or the main valve is turned off, your fire sprinkler will not turn on. Fire suppression is essential when protecting both the lives of your employees and the assets in your building, so regular maintenance is needed. Laws and codes in Lake Charles, LA., often require frequent check-ups to help with insurance policies and public safety.

There are many reasons why keeping your sprinkler system in top shape is vital. This handy system can quench a fire even before the fire department reaches the building, thus minimizing damage. Also, fire sprinkler cleanup is much less severe than fire hose cleanup because not as many gallons of water per minute are used. By inspecting each fire sprinkler often and making sure you and your company are prepared for a disaster, you can reduce fire damage and expenses.

For more information, visit Lake Charles, LA..

Duct Cleaning

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality, but SERVPRO of Lake Charles can help change that! In most cases, HVAC systems have been operating for some time without any attention. Dirty ducts can circulate debris and dirt throughout your home, including odors, contaminants such as mold, and irritating dust. In some circumstances, such as after a fire, smoke, or suspected mold growth, duct cleaning becomes an essential part of the cleanup process.

A routine part of SERVPRO of Lake Charles professional’s service is inspecting the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit (HVAC). Keeping the HVAC and ductwork clean potentially expands the lifespan of the equipment by allowing it to operate at peak conditions.

SERVPRO’s Duct Cleaning System

Our certified technicians will inspect your HVAC system and ductwork. We will recommend the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This air duct cleaning process is as follows: 

  • The duct cleaning process begins by using patented equipment, including a rotoscraper, which automatically adapts to the duct’s shape and diameter while traveling through the duct, removing debris and filth before vacuuming begins.
  • Our certified technicians will then use powerful push-pull air delivery and collection system to transfer the debris from the ducting to a 16-gallon container.
  • Air is filtered through a HEPA filtration system, removing 99.97% of the particles in the airstream. HEPA filters capture debris and keep the indoor environment clean.
  • As an optional step, our certified technicians can apply a sealant, or a coating product may be sprayed to address odor or microbial concerns.
  • Filters will either be cleaned or replaced to remove odor and dirt.


Our duct cleaning system is proven and cost-efficient. SERVPRO of Lake Charles professionals use portable ventilation and air duct cleaning system to examine ductwork and make a clean sweep, removing years of dust and grime. Call us today to schedule an inspection. We are Here to Help!

For SERVPRO of Lake Charles: (337) 478-1133

The 3 Categories of Water Damage

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

If your commercial property has suffered damage, one of the first things professionals in Lake Charles, LA. do is assess the extent of the damage. They examine the flood water and place it in one of three categories. Read more about the safety implications of each to learn about what to expect if your business or rental residence is victim to a broken pipe, natural disaster or heavy rains.

Category 1

Water in this category doesn't pose a significant threat to humans. Some professionals call it "clean water." Sources can include broken water supply lines, tub and sink overflows or appliance malfunctions.

Category 2

Category 2 water carries a significant amount of toxins, chemicals and biological contaminants that pose a risk to health. Some people may feel sick or uncomfortable if exposed. Typically, experts will recommend you temporarily close down your property if this type of water has flooded your floors or walls.

Category 3

This is the most dangerous type of water. The number of bacteria and microorganisms is such that it may cause harmful bacteria to grow. Category three flood water includes:

• Sewer backup
• River or stream water
• Toilet water with feces
• Stagnant liquid

Also known as "black water", water restoration experts will usually take extra care in cleaning up the damage. They'll wear safety clothing and googles and use sophisticated equipment to eliminate the harm. The most important thing to remember if confronted with category 3 water is to not approach it at all, not even to salvage your possessions. If the water has a dark color or enough excessive particulates floating in it to raise suspicion, best to call the pros with the knowledge and expertise to tackle the problem.

Every year, many buildings in Sugar House, UT are subjected to flood water. Understanding the three different categories can help you anticipate what work will need to be completed to make your property safe again.

Visit SERVPRO of Lake Charles for more commercial restoration information. 

The Nature of Smoke Damage

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

The behavior of smoke can often complicate damages to your property following a fire. There are two different types of smoke: wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. SERVPRO of Lake Charles certified professionals have the experience and training in fire cleanup and restoration. Our certified technicians know the different types of smoke and their behavior patterns.

Our certified technicians will survey the loss to determine the extent of the damage due to the fire, smoke, heat, and moisture on the building materials and contents. Our certified technician will test the soot on the building materials to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. The following are types of smoke that can affect the restoration process.

Dry Smoke

Fast-burning, high-temperature fires caused by paper or wood are called dry smoke. Dry smoke can easily fall into the cracks or porous materials in your home or business. This smoke makes it relatively easy to clean compared to more dense smoke and soot residue.

Wet Smoke

Wet smoke damage comes from low heat and smoldering fires. Both plastic and rubber produce wet smoke when burned. These smelly blazes usually have fewer flames but much more thick, black smoke than their dry counterparts. Wet smoke residue is sticky and smeary.

Protein Residue 

Protein residue is produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire. This residue is often caused by cooking fire incidents in the kitchen. This type of smoke is virtually invisible. However, this type of smoke can permanently discolor painted, varnished, or other finished surfaces. Protein residue damage has an extremely pungent odor, and if not treated, the unpleasant smell can permeate your entire home or business if left untreated.

Fuel Oil Soot

Fuel oil residue is not often seen in home and business fires unless petroleum products are in the space. Fuel oil residue is sticky, dense, and especially difficult to clean. Its odor is strong and offensive, which can ruin upholstered pieces of furniture when not cleaned properly. Furnace puff backs can create havoc for homeowners SERVPRO of Lake Charles professionals can, in most cases, restore the contents and structure quickly.

Other Types

Other types of smoke include tear gas, fingerprint powder, and fire extinguisher residue. Special loss situations require special care.

SERVPRO of Lake Charles professionals handle even the toughest losses. If your home or business suffers fire or smoke damage, contact us at (337) 478-1133 to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Shutters Help Protect Your Property from High Winds

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Protect Your Home From High Winds

In areas prone to high winds, residents often look for ways to protect their homes from damage. If your home is located in Lake Charles, adding storm shutters to your property can not only provide protection but could also increase your property value. Below is a list of some of the shutter solutions most frequently chosen by homeowners, so you can see which option may be right for your property.

1. Storm Panels

Other than boarding up your windows with plywood, storm panels are one of the most cost-efficient ways to protect your home from high winds. These panels are removable during the hurricane off-season, but when in use, slide onto either permanent tracks or bolts installed around your windows. At a cost of only $7-$10 per square foot, aluminum storm panels can provide solid protection without breaking the bank.

2. Accordion Style

An accordion-style option has a similar look to a storm panel when in use but is folded and stored in a permanent box near the window until you need it. The cost ($15 to $20 per square foot) is about double that of a storm panel, but it is less burdensome to operate each year.

3. Bahama Style

Bahama-style storm shutters can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices and are sometimes used on homes for decorative purposes only. They are permanent fixtures that prop open when not in use, then lowered and secured when needed for protection. Priced around $20 to $30 per square foot, they could be a beautiful and functional option for your home.

4. Roll-Down Style

At $35 to $50 or more per square foot, roll-down-style shutters are more expensive than other options but can provide the most security and ease of use. Operated by a hand crank or sometimes with just the touch of a button, they roll up into a permanently installed box when not needed.

Restoring your home after damage from a storm will involve the help of experienced professionals, so taking extra measures to secure your home can be a worthwhile investment. Shutter options like the ones listed above can help reduce the damage to your property during high winds.

Bio-Hazard Cleanup at Your Business

2/24/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lake Charles can help your commercial property when hazmat, trauma, or crime scene cleanup services are needed. Once the police have completed their investigation of a crime scene, we will help make it "Like it never even happened." Our certified professionals will respond immediately and have the specialized training, protective equipment, and experience to clean trauma and crime scenes. 

We provide cleanup and recovery services for biohazard situations. These include the following:

  • Sewage backups
  • Crime scene residues
  • Suicide/death accidents
  • Homicide cleanups
  • Blood cleanup
  • Accident cleanup
  • Hoarding scenes
  • Animal waste/remains
  • Chemical spills
  • Tear gas cleanup
  • Meth lab cleanup

Common Biohazard Scenarios

Sewage Backups: Dark water intrusions are more than nasty, smelly deposits. Sewage backup damage can introduce harmful microorganisms into your home, business, or property. To help ensure that your property is properly cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized, we remove the sewage, contaminants, and moisture.

Bloodborne Pathogens: Our certified professionals can remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue, and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime, or death. We will also clean, disinfect, and deodorize the structure. 

Commercial Biohazard Cleanup Services

We strive to empathize with our customers because we understand that biohazard situations can often be a traumatic and emotional experience. At the first sign of any biohazard scenario, call SERVPRO of Lake Charles at (337) 478-1133. We are available at any time of day with our 24-Hour Emergency Service

How to be Prepared during a Power Outage

2/16/2022 (Permalink)

When electrical power goes out unexpectedly, it is considered a power outage. In today's society, it's hard to imagine functioning without any electricity. The tips below will help you be ready if you happen to lose access to power.

A power outage can:

  • Cause food spoilage and water contamination
  • Force retail businesses, grocery stores, gas stations, ATMs, banks and other service businesses to close
  • Disrupt communication, the ability to cook, use water, and utilize transportation options

How to Protect Yourself During a Power Outage

  • Limit the amount of time you open your freezers and refrigerators. By keeping the cold air trapped inside, you food will keep from spoiling. 
  • Do not use a gas stove to heat your home as this could lead to extensive fire damage.
  • If it is safe to travel, go to an alternate location for heat and cooling.
  • Fuel may become an issue - only use generators outdoors and away from windows if you absolutely need it.

Prepare for a power outage sooner rather than later. By taking inventory of the items you need that rely on electricity, you will be able to determine what is absolutely necessary in the time of a power outage. Ensure that you have flashlights with extra batteries, a thermometer in your refrigerator to monitor temperature, electrical equipment charged, and gas tanks full.

If you experience storm damage, call SERVPRO of Lake Charles at (337) 478-1133. No matter what your situation, we are always "Here to help!"

Flood Tips

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

Storm season in Lake Charles, LA., brings several possible challenges to homeowners. One of the main concerns is flood safety. You can't control the weather, but you can take some precautions.

Tips To Protect Your House.

Elevate Items for Flood Safety

Electricity and water don't mix. One of the most sensible safety tips starts with identifying the flood line. Once you know how far water is likely to rise, you can more easily safeguard the electrical items both inside and outside your home:

  • Sockets
  • Wiring
  • Circuit breakers
  • Air conditioner units
  • Generators

These and other electrical appliances should be placed a foot above the flood line if possible. It also doesn't hurt to elevate the things in your basement that are likely to become a hazard if they get wet. By keeping electrical items out of the way of potential floods, you can minimize a lot of damage.

Maintain Sewer To Prevent Blockages

Regular sewer maintenance is always important, but it's especially crucial during storm season. Excess flooding from a heavy downpour can overtax municipal drains, causing a backup. If your home already has sewer problems, this can lead to some unpleasant results in your bathroom or kitchen.

One way to protect your home from a flooded city sewer is to install valves to prevent backflow. Check or flap valves provide a one-way seal that keeps wastewater flowing outward. Manually operated gate valves provide even better protection. No matter what kind of valve you choose, you need one at every point where your plumbing connects to the sewer line.

Maximize Water Flow Away From Home

The best way to ensure flood safety is to keep the water from coming toward your house in the first place. Flood restoration specialists recommend that you upgrade your landscaping to slope away from your house so that pooling water doesn't encroach on it during a heavier storm. Keep drains, downspouts, and gutters clean so that water flows easily off your roof and away from your foundation.

Sometimes water rushes toward your house because it floods the street and simply has nowhere else to go. If this happens, contact your county department that is in charge of street maintenance to report the problem and inquire about what can be done to fix it. After all, if it affects your house, it probably is a nuisance to your neighbors as well.

Protect Your Foundation from Flooding

Floodwater will seep into cracks in your foundation any chance it gets. This is one of the reasons it's so important to inspect your foundation and repair any damage found as soon as possible. You can also install valves that direct the flow of water through designated paths through the building so that it doesn't rise and cause damage.

Placing barriers around entryways and the perimeter of your foundation is another way to flood-proof your home when a storm is on its way. Sandbags and inflatable barriers can be used to block extra water.

Knowing how to protect your home from flooding empowers you as a homeowner. Follow these flood safety tips to prevent as much damage as possible during a storm.