Recent Before & After Photos

Water damage from a wind storm

High winds can cause significant damage to a home. It the case of this house high winds blew many shingles from the roof, causing rain water the penetrate the d... READ MORE

Wind damaged roof water mitigation

When high winds blew a tree onto the roof of this Lake Charles house the resulting damage was water intrusion into their home. Our first goal was to get the roo... READ MORE

Lake Charles residential flood damage

SERVPRO of Lake Charles received a call to begin water extraction and removal during a flood event. This home had several inches of water within and needed imme... READ MORE

Flood damage after a Lake Charles flood

Once the flood water receded, SERVPRO of Lake Charles responded to this lake front home. Water was still present, saturating most of the floors, cabinets, walls... READ MORE

Fire damage in a boat garage

When a oily boat motor caught fire last January it was quickly extinguished but the soot residue darken the surfaces in every corner. SERVPRO of Lake Charles re... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Antiques

SERVPRO of Lake Charles got a call to provide fire damage restoration at a home in Kinder. The house had major soot damage and carbon discoloration. These antiq... READ MORE

Lake Charles Commercial Water Damage

This community grocery store endured water damage when a pipe burst in the store when it was closed. The water damage caused most of the flooring to become dela... READ MORE

Lake Charles Commercial Mold

These photos SERVPRO of Lake Charles illustrate a before and after mold remediation project done in a local business. They had major water intrusion after a sev... READ MORE

Air Quality Matters: Duct Cleaning

We clean our carpets. We clean our fan blades. We change our air filters. Why wouldn't we clean our duct work? Logically speaking there is no reason. The air th... READ MORE

Poor air quality could be the result of dirty ducts

The Environmental Protection Agency have many guidelines regarding air quality in your home or business. For the sake of our community SERVPRO of Lake Charles a... READ MORE